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Allison Rae :: Artist, Illustrator, Etsy Purveyor


I’ve made a huge mistake.

Posted by Allison Rae on 16th October 2012

For six days I have neglected food, proper hygiene, and our house is a wreck. (My dear infant son, of course, is thriving as ever.) Why? To make a drawing for the Arrested Development “You’re Gonna Get Some Walk-Ons” contest. It’s a cutaway, Vertical Cities style, of the Bluth model home, filled with whatever fun Easter eggs I could squeeze in under the time constraints. It’s hard to capture at a smaller size, so please click the image to get a taste of the real deal.

I intend to add the rest of the major characters (Lindsay, George Michael, GOB, et al) in the next week or so, but yeah. Had to stop somewhere. Plus I really need to eat something besides Costco peanut butter cups and string cheese sticks. I’ll post an updated final-final version soon! Wish me luck, dudes!

Vertical Carnival completed!

Posted by Allison Rae on 30th September 2012

I’m finally getting back in the swing of things, and I’m pleased to say that last week I finally completed Vertical Carnival, the long-delayed follow-up to Vertical Cities. And when I say completed, of course what I really mean is “completed, except for…”! The drawing is done, but I am going back and making revisions, looking at printed drafts and fine-tuning before I officially send it to press. I’m looking at early November in terms of availability. Looking forward to more frequent updates here!

In the meantime, here are a couple of sneak-peek crops of the finished drawing:

A glimpse at some of the lower floors

Zoomed into the upper carousel

The culprit behind my hiatus

Posted by Allison Rae on 1st June 2012

This little dude is six months old now. How did that happen? More soon as life reaches more of an equilibrium.

We’re in Flickr’s new ad!

Posted by Allison Rae on 14th October 2011

So as previously mentioned, Ben and I went to Iceland for our honeymoon, and Flickr basically turned it into an advertisement for their new Photo Sessions functionality. The voiceover is not Ben, and I don’t know who Tom and Anita are, but we make up most of the visuals. Fun!

Vertical Cities available again

Posted by Allison Rae on 21st November 2010

It’s been a busy couple of months. I’m in the home stretch with Vertical Carnival, which should be off to print at the end of the year. Vertical Cities is back in my Etsy shop as a revised second edition, jam-packed with even more detail than before – it will also be available in December or January as an ultra-limited hand-painted edition!

On top of all that jazz, I’m redoing this site to more clearly focus on my work and make it more conducive to regular blogging. More to come early next year… just going with the quickie update for now.

Sold out!

Posted by Allison Rae on 25th September 2010

An early glimpse at Vertical Cities

Well, that’s an exciting thing to write. Magically, the Vertical Cities prints sold out with minimal intervention from me. The whole thing began as an experiment, having set aside the money for the first edition on a bit of a lark. Expectations were minimal. As a buyer and window-shopper, I’d been on Etsy for a while… so when I ended up with a stack of one hundred prints in my project closet, it seemed fitting to give selling a try. I’ve learned a lot in the process and am really excited to start the next chapter of this adventure with the follow-up prints and a far greater sense of direction. After going to college to pursue studio art, and then ending up in the tech industry (like so many of my brethren and sistren), it’s a thrill to be actively making (and selling) art again!

Also, watch for Vertical Cities in the follow-up to Fingerprint, to be released sometime next year! More details to come. And thank you to Ben for being supportive of my artwork time, just as I aspire to be for him. On the pictorial tip, above is a shot of the day after I picked up the prints from the wonderful folks at Rohner here in Chicago — I brought a couple into work to show off. Onward and upward!

Yelena Bryksenkova

Posted by Allison Rae on 22nd August 2010

Oh man. Some more greatness via Julia Rothman’s Book By Its Cover: Yelena Bryksenkova’s sketchbooks. As an avid and perfectionistic sketchbooker myself, I relate very much to this quite from Yelena:

Despite warnings not to, I have always treated my sketchbooks as precious objects rather than a place for unfinished ideas. I suppose this can be limiting, but I can’t help it! The beauty of certain objects, places, people, and moments fills me a frustrated kind of awe and drawing them – carefully, so completely absorbed that I sometimes dip my paintbrush in my tea – helps me make peace with that feeling.

Yes! Do yourself a favor and check out her portfolio and sketchbook archives. I know it inspired me.

ég elska þig

Posted by Allison Rae on 28th July 2010

Hiking on Svínafellsjökull

Oh, Iceland. It’s truly a magical place. I’ve long dreamt about living there, but that won’t be a reality anytime too soon! Of course, vacations can go a long ways to salve such long-term desires, and this recent trip more than fit the bill. Ben and I spent a couple of weeks circumnavigating the island counter-clockwise, continually being blown away by the changing landscape. Somewhere around Mývatn, we were informed that we were driving the wrong way around, clockwise being the general rule, but that trajectory now seems quite difficult to imagine. Now that Ben has the photos up, check out our journey via the complete set on his Flickr… or merely take a quick gander at the edited set, put to music, on Vimeo.